Tax is a vital area for all small businesses.  Getting it wrong is very costly – in money and time!

That nice advert on the TV says “Tax doesn’t have to be taxing” – do we believe it? – However with Cobalt this can become a reality.  Minimising your taxes is essential, but at the same time we can cut through the jargon, red tape and mind boggling amounts of documentation that you can find on the web.

We’re here to help – At Cobalt all clients get a free tax review!

Tax planning is a vital weapon for any small business – at the end of the day you want to pay what you’re due, but want this to be as little as legally possible!  We have tax strategies and specialist tax planners just waiting to help.

Tax enquiries and investigations are on the increase.  It’s a worry for all businesses – the dreaded letter from the tax man wanting to come and see you – but don’t worry help is at hand.  You don’t have to deal with them – let us do it for you.  And don’t worry about the cost of our time either if you have our tax investigation fee insurance.

To find out more please contact us!

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